Large Format


No matter how large or small your event, we offer a variety of printed products to fit your needs. Large format printing offers easy branding solutions for any surface indoors or outdoors. If you can design it, we can print it!

Wayfinding Signs

With so much going on, wayfinding signage is not only necessary for your attendees to get around, but also a great opportunity to
reinforce your brand presence. Typically printed on foamcore, SINTRA, or any of our other board materials. You can get very creative with how you hand and design your wayfinding signs.


Faux Graphic Walls

Faux walls are great for concealing unsightly dividers, wall plumbing, or boxes of swag. Made from foamcore or gatorboard, faux walls make it easy to add more ambiance to your event space.

Banners and Banner Stands

Single or double-sided banners are printed to any size for indoor and outdoor use. We offer the following options for designing your banner or banner stand: grommets, hemming, pole pockets, mesh banner material and wind slits.

Retractable Banner Stands are portable banners that are very easy to set up. Banners Stands also allow you to switch out old graphics with new ones.

stage graphics customized

Stage Backdrops

Stage backdrops provide a decorative background for your speakers or performers. In the event that a stage is being built, these printed backdrops can also serve the functionality of a back wall. Mesh backdrops are especially good for outdoor stages, as they provide ample shade while letting some light and wind pass through.

Registration Graphics

Registration graphics greet your guest at the entrance to large events or your trade show displays. They are made custom to any size bar you already have, and can be printed using backlight film if you have a lightbox bar. These graphics are easy to remove or can be applied for long-lasting use.


Self Standing-Event Signage

Self-standing signs provide perfect solution when there is no where to hang your graphics from. Typically made from Foamcore or Falcon board, self-standing signs are available in single and double-sided. These graphics area also very light-weight, and can easily be moved from place to place.

two standing formcuts of video game characters

Standing Form-cuts

Self standing form-cuts provide great photo opportunities and give your audience something fun to interact with at your event. These form-cuts can be cut into any structurally intact shape, and are most commonly printed on half-inch foam core for easy transportation.

Grand Format Wall Graphics

Grand Format Wall Graphics are used for covering existing large walls in or outside your event space. These are huge opportunities for companies to flex their muscles with beautiful advertisements or success timelines. Grand format wall graphics can be printed with stretched canvas or adhesive vinyl depending on the surface of the wall.

man in front of printed step and repeat

Printed Step & Repeat

Printed step and repeats of any length are great opportunities for guests to take photos and share them on social media. Printed on banner material, step, and repeats can be printed any size and are 100% reusable.

vinyl graphics on stairs

Stair Graphics

Vinyl stair graphics are a creative way to transform staircases into beautiful works of art or wayfinding signs. Printed on adhesive vinyl, stair graphics can be made to fit any size staircase. Staircase graphics allow you to split one tall graphics into multiple panels, or feature different images on each step.